Handcrafting Award Winning Chocolate
from Bean to Finished Bar!

Said to be a gift from the gods,brought to the people on a beam of the morning star”, Cacao truly is one of natures finest fruits.

awardfront3At Starchild Chocolate we combine this wonderful gift with only the very best, healthy, organic ingredients, to create for you a unique chocolate experience.

We are a small batch chocolate maker offering some of the most delectable, organic, low glycemic chocolate treats available.

We strive to work with cacao in a way that not only lives up to our high standards as professional chocolatiers, but as well, lives up to our high moral standards of ethical, just and fair business practice.

We start with some of the worlds finest organic cacao beans which have been grown and cared for in a way that maintains their optimum potential.

We then combine a low glycemic sweetener such as coconut blossom sugar.

And finally we add an array of beneficial healthy, nuts, fruits, herbs and spices to finish with a beautiful product that is not only good for your senses but your health as well.

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